The Bernard & Audre Rapoport Foundation


Funding Priorities


The Foundation prefers to concentrate on five primary areas including: Arts & Culture, Community Building & Social Service, Democracy & Civic Participation, Education, and Health. Proposals that fall outside of the five main areas of focus may be considered as long as they offer imaginative, and when possible, long-range solutions to the problems of the most needy members of society, and ideally, solutions that can be replicated in other communities.


In addition to the primary areas of interest, the Foundation recently created two task forces to explore special interest areas related to civic & political engagement and maternal mortality & morbidity. Through the course of our research and advice from subject matter experts, the Foundation task forces will share their current focus areas through an RFP process. Once both RFPs are released, you will find them listed below available for download as well as on the How to Apply page.


By policy, one-third of annual grant funds are required to be distributed for projects/programs located in Waco, Texas. An additional one-third of annual grant monies are discretionary and can be distributed throughout the United States as desired. Finally, the remaining one-third of funds are designated to the University of Texas at Austin Rapoport Scholars Program, the Jerusalem Foundation, and the Jewish Federation of North America.

Arts & Culture

The Foundation supports artistic and cultural programs, especially those that encourage participation, and enrich the lives of children and disadvantaged members of the community. Education and cultivation of new and young patrons is encouraged.


The Foundation is interested in the broad area of education but with a special concern for early learning up to and through the elementary years. Other areas of interest include adult education and training initiatives, college and career readiness, and programs that enhance the capabilities of teachers and other professionals in public schools.


The Foundation seeks to build communities that improve the quality of life for all citizens and foster the growth and development of children. The Foundation encourages programs that build grassroots neighborhood networks, provide job training and job opportunities for the unemployed and under-employed, or provide a comprehensive safety net of social services for the least-advantaged citizens.


The Foundation seeks to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare services to all citizens, especially to women, children, and those who do not have access to conventional medical resources. Community-based outreach initiatives such as immunization programs are of interest to the Foundation.

democracy & Civic Participation

The Foundation supports efforts both to make government more responsive and to encourage citizens to take an active interest and role in political life. The Foundation promotes intergovernmental cooperation as well as initiatives that broaden citizen awareness of public policy issues and alternatives, build skills necessary for political leadership, and provide opportunities for community service.


University of Texas at Austin Scholarship Programs

The Foundation encourages innovation as demonstrated by The University of Texas Service Learning Scholarship. This concept bundles academic scholarship with a required community services component. More than just spending hours at a nonprofit agency, students use their community work to compliment their curriculum. Time for reflection and cohort study encourages students to consider their nonprofit work as a possible career. The program is open to freshmen enrolled in The UT College of Liberal Arts. The scholarship awards up to $10,000 per year for three years beginning the summer after the freshman year and includes the assignment of a laptop computer. The service scholarship is a need-based program with preference given to Waco-McLennan County area students.  Applications are available from UT or contact the UT Liberal Arts Department at (512) 417-9209, or by emailing Hannah McKenna. Other UT scholars are currently supported by the Rapoport Foundation.

Jerusalem Foundation & Jewish federations of North america

Together, these organizations receive yearly grants for activities that reflect the Foundation founders’ interest in Jewish community organizations. Both the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jewish Federation of North America strive to improve the quality of life for people by continuing the goal of social justice both domestically and abroad. The Foundation does not currently accept grant requests for Israeli or Jewish causes except through these two organizations.